Friday, August 17, 2012

Possibly Moving Up

Ok, so when I originally went on my first job interview in forever, I expressed an interest in working with the 4's and 5's that will be going off to kindergarten the following year. However, when the Director got back to me, she mentioned that she was overloaded with 2 year olds and wondered if I would be willing to take on that age leveled class. It would be 3 days a week and I would be a co-teacher with a veteran teacher at this preschool.

Today I went in to meet with my possible co-teacher placement buddy. The Director wanted to see if we felt we could work together. After we met for awhile, the Director and I were talking. She was hoping I would consider teaching 5 days a week instead of just 3. Then she told me that they have had such an influx of kids registering that they have an opening in the 4 year old class as a co-teacher with a newbie teacher (only 1 year experience). I told her that I would be willing to work 5 days a week if I can work with the 4's or I need to stick with 3 days a week to work with the 2's (let's face it, 2's are draining. Three days are enough!)

It looks like I will probably get to work with the 4's. YAY!! So excited. Hope to be able to show you my classroom next week after they assign me one!


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  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I would love to work with 4's and 5's if I was not able to teach kindergarten. Such a fun age!

    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

  3. Hi Melissa. It is funny we are both teaching this year. Klaire started a new school and I will be teaching science two days a week. Fun!
    Hope all is well.


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