Saturday, August 11, 2012

Help Me Design This Blog

I am in the process of coming up with a cool new look for my Preschool Teaching Blog. I need to get inspired and this basic templet is not cutting it. Here are the links to the digital scrapbooking kits I liked. It is so hard to narrow it down. It is like going to a Diner (If you are from Jersey, you know diners) and looking at the huge 5 page menu. For those of you not from NJ, think Cheesecake Factory's menu. There are just so many designs, I don't know which to choose. HELP!! Just put your top choice in the comments.

1.  School Rules                                     2.  At the Park                                  3.  In the Woods

4.  Live 'n Learn                                     5.  PB&J                                          6.  Color the World

7.  A Wise Old Owl                               8.  Artsy                                           9.  All About Me

10.  School Time                                 11.  A Whimsical Garden                12.  A-B-C-D-E-Fun

13.  ABC&123                                    14.  Buggalicious                             15.  Craft Desk

16.  Off to School

Thanks for helping me out!!


  1. Hi there! I really like #2 At the Park:) There are also some great blog template designers out there that do GREAT jobs at setting it all up for you...they even provide the ever-so-important button that people can grab from your page:) I used and it was only about $30 for a cute design and she will work with you to customize it as much as you like! You should also check out Anyway...would love to follow you as you join the wonderful world of blogging but I don't see a follow or join button anywhere...did you delete that gadget by mistake maybe?? Anyway, I would be more than happy to help you with anything you may need so just hop on over to my blog anytime you need:)

    Teaching with Z

  2. Hey Melissa!

    Congrats on going back to preschool :) I really like 1, 4, 13, and 16 best. I know that's not just one, but maybe it will help!

  3. My two favorites are 6 and 10.

  4. They're all so adorable! I love number 1 and number 10!

  5. I love number 1 as well. The colors are so pretty! Good Luck. You do have a tough decision to make!!!

  6. I love #5 PB&J...I think it's creative and unique! When I'm blog stalking the unique sites always catch my attention first! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Your Newest Follower,
    Lanier's Kindergarten Lions

  7. I honestly google EVERYTHING I do for my blog design (signature, button, etc). This is the site I used to help with my signature: Signature How-to. I hope this helps!:)

    Miss Allison's Class

  8. It is #1 for me. I knew as soon as I opened it, it was going to be hard to beat since I love pastels!

  9. I like Colour the World. It's bright and cheery. Careful with the TOU. Some designers don't let you use their graphics on blogs :)
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs


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